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Deksel Chocolatiers

Brand Identity | Packaging | Logo Design

Deksel: Dutch

(n.) lid or cover; as in a lid for a pot.

No matter what there is only one lid that fits perfectly to a pot; it's perfect pair. This is reason behind Deksel Chocolatiers; finding that perfect pair!​

Deksel Chocolatier uses eco-friendly wrappers for their chocolate bars, squares and other treats, as well as
eco-friendly recycled paper for their other packages. The ones used for this box of chocolates are eco-friendly recyclable paper, and BoPP film paper from Taghleef Industries Inc. Reading about how they have changed their packaging was inspiring and because it is based on fit for use and make, environmental protection, social equity and economic prosperity it became the idea for Deksel Chocolatiers.

Deksel Chocolatiers is a Dutch chocolate company specializing in rich, dark chocolate.

These chocolates come in a variety of forms! From individual squares and drops to full sized chocolate bars.

You can choose from chocolates with flavour or ones with a dark cocoa range of 45-90%. 

It's all about finding that perfect pair! Whether that'd be in mood, ambience, or flavoured chocolate.

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