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EcoTrax is an app designed to track the amount of garbage the user has picked up. In this day and age, pollution is getting the better of the Earth and is causing more harm than we have ever seen. 

By targeting the focus on cleaning up areas that are highly polluted, EcoTrax’s scanner only works in tagged areas. This is caused by using geo-fencing. With this system in place, the scanner is unable to be used outside the fence in case of users deciding to cheat their way into more rewards.

EcoTrax is aware that not everyone gets excited about picking up someone else’s trash, and by designing the application to use a gamified feature(s), users can get more excited about collecting trash. The more trash the user collects, the more points they earn, the more badges and rewards they achieve. Along with the ability to collect points and rewards, the users are also able to reach out to others using the app; the community, as well as their friends who may also be using the app. This connection brings out the fun competition and connection that EcoTrax wants and aims to create for their users.

By using this mobile app, EcoTrax hopes to get their users to achieve a cleaner habit, not only within the public eye but in their private lives, taking that extra second to think about where their garbage might go if not disposed of properly.​

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