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App Design | Brand Identity | Design Psychology


InVision Studio

LifeSpotter is an app designed for those in the fitness world. Those varying from active to extremely active and fit have a hard time dating or even finding the right partner.

The colours chosen for this brand consist of a dark teal and red gradient, combining both colour psychology and colour in fitness psychology.

LifeSpotter uses both a symbol as well as a wordmark for their branding. The heartbeat represents your power and literal heart racing from both exercise as well as romance. The spot icon represents where you find the person, whether that’s in a place in your life, where you meet physically, and even how you met.

Behind the name:

When working with heavy weights and you are unsure if you can handle the weight for a certain amount of reps, you usually call for a spotter so that if you are struggling with bringing the weight back up, your spotter helps by taking either half or most of the weight for you. This being your partner. Combining “life” and “spotter” is another term for a life partner. Someone who is there to aid you and take some of the weight off your shoulders, romantically, figuratively, and literally.

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