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Sanity Wines

Label Design

Sanity Wines is a small company that has used the inspiration on taking back your moment of peace to create a variety of wines that help soothe the noise and craziness life brings.


Featured is Sanity Wines' Seasons Collection for 2018. Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  

Having four kids with four different personalities, the design on each label was almost instantaneous. Behind each season is a child, and behind each child there is a personality. Each personality is highlighted in the interchangeable golden design.


Each seasons holds a certain colour, golden pattern, as well as taste and style. From a sparkling wine to a deep, rich red, each wine is created with delicacy. 

Behind the name:

“Sanity”, comes from the inspiration of naming it after the four children. Sanity was chosen from how mother would answer the phone, “Hello, home of the insane”, yet if you were to name the company “Insane”, it wouldn’t seem as appealing and possibly add a negative connotation to the overall mission of the company. When those children are out the room, the house or anywhere but near you, you have a chance to sit, relax and having a glass of wine. In that moment you are in a calm environment, you’re at peace, finding your sanity back, hence the true meaning of “Sanity”. Take that moment, you have earned it. 


The circle - encompassing the company's initials - represents the stain a wine glass leaves when it has sat in a pool of red wine. 


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